Digital Marketing Specialist

Peerio is a Montreal-based software company specialising in usable end-to-end encryption tools for team collaboration across desktop and mobile platforms. We are a 20 person team looking to expand our marketing and brand presence.

As a candidate for this role, you will be responsible for all things related to our digital marketing efforts. Your work will involve researching and developing content and communication strategies, coordinating paid ad campaigns, overseeing SEM/SEO efforts, managing social media presences, continuously analyzing marketing efforts’ performance and identifying ways to improve results, and generally helping define Peerio’s brand and growing its audience.

You will be handling a wide scope of work and will need to be a jack of all digital marketing trades, and ideally an expert in a couple (particularly SEM and copywriting). You won’t be expected to monitor stats and crunch numbers all day, but you be expected to use these types of data to identify actionable insights that will guide you and the company towards our growth goals.

Our ideal candidate is someone with strong critical and analytic skills, who loves to learn, can do so quickly, can discover what makes that new thing compelling, and can make it compelling to others. After all, you will be responsible for driving interest and engagement with a company that thinks user-friendly security tools and workplace productivity are just the bee’s knees — which is (sadly) not necessarily the way the whole world feels.

You will have plenty of opportunities to take ownership of projects where you can learn new skills while honing others. With that autonomy comes quite a bit of responsibility, and you’ll need to have strong organizational, reporting, and communication skills to ensure deadlines are kept, market data and feedback is used to its fullest potential, and that your efforts are generally as effective as possible.

If you’re a self-driver, problem solver, and team player, you will thrive in this start-up environment.


Your work will include...

  • Conducting market research to understand target audiences and market landscapes
  • Conducting market research to develop and document communication and content strategies
  • Coordinating digital marketing campaigns and assets to maximize inbound marketing objectives based on research
  • Creating, managing, analyzing, and reporting on ad campaigns through Google AdWords and other platforms
  • Analyzing and reporting on-site analytics, metrics, ROIs, and KPIs and other data to assist in continual improvement of campaign effectiveness
  • Identifying ways to improve SEM efforts and assisting in their coordination
  • Incorporating SEM/SEO techniques into existing marketing materials or product offerings where applicable
  • Generating and coordinating the creation of original content for all our digital assets (e.g. website, blog, social media, etc.)
  • Overseeing and managing social media presences
  • Communicating with product, support, development, and other teams as needed to help guide and inform ongoing marketing and non-marketing efforts
  • Strong knowledge of SEM, SEO, Google AdWords, and Google Analytics
  • Strong knowledge and familiarity with social media management, marketing, and engagement — particularly with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Strong research and analytic skills to interpret both quantitative and qualitative data into actionable insights about target audiences and markets
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent time management, ability to work with tight deadlines, and quickly adapt to time-sensitive requirements
  • Fluent written and spoken English
  • Strong copywriting and/or editorial skills that engages readers
  • Experience working in a startup or similar environment
  • Familiarity with or passion for encryption, digital security, online privacy, productivity tools and methodologies, user experience, and/or customer experience.
  • Graphic design or illustration skills
  • Basic web design and/or development skills
  • Written and/or spoken French
  • Self-driven, ready to lead and bottom-line projects
  • A team player, ready to offer and ask for assistance while trusting your own and others’ expertise
  • A generally positive, fun, yet professional attitude and demeanour
  • An appreciation of donuts or tendency to bring them to your place of work
Details, compensation, and benefits:
  • Full-time position
  • Onsite position in Montreal, QC
  • Base salary of $47,000 or more pending experience
  • Stock options available
  • Two weeks paid vacation
  • Indoor bicycle parking on site
  • A pretty cool team

Please send your application to