Collaboration for the Modern Organization

Rescue your team from endless emails and pointless meetings!

Peerio unifies your team’s communication into one secure app. It’s a virtual workplace for everyone to share projects, ideas, updates, and even a few jokes!

  • Collaborate across departments and around the globe. Have private or group discussions with unparalleled efficiency and productivity
  • Organize and share files and documents with Peerio secure storage. With Peerio’s true end-to-end encryption by default, you will never have to worry again.

Make Room for innovation.

Peerio Rooms connects team members around specific discussion topics. You can create permanent Rooms for each department in your organization and temporary Rooms for short term projects. 

Everything shared inside a Room is fully end-to-end encrypted. Rooms are a safe space for your team members to unleash new ideas and make unexpected contributions.

  • Create a Room, give it a name, set a purpose. It’s that easy.
  • Room creators can easily add or delete members and assign admin privileges to other members.
  • Share end-to-end encrypted files of any size with other participants in the Room. 
  • Use “@“ mentions in a Room to catch someone’s attention.
  • See all read receipts at a glance to keep up to date with the discussion flow.

Why use filing cabinets when you could have a Vault?

Peerio includes a secure cloud storage space for everything that you upload or receive from other people. Upload a file of any size and it’s instantly end-to-end encrypted.

  • Search and organize files by folder, Room, or sender.
  • Retrieve and delete files that you regret sending. We all make mistakes!
  • Did we mention unlimited file sizes? We tested to 7TB, but know we can do more.

The right ping for everyone.

Peerio gives you comprehensive options for customizing your notifications. Decide how you want to be alerted, and when you don’t.

  • Set custom notifications for each Room. For those conversations you want to follow word for word and those that you only need to tune into when someone @s your name.
  • Set sound alerts based on when you want to be notified.
  • Hit snooze when you need time off.
  • Manage file previews and downloads to maintain privacy and control what gets downloaded to your device.

Easy breezy security.

Ideas are your organization’s most valuable resources. Protect them with true end-to-end encryption. Peerio is so simply designed, anyone on your team can start securing files and messages right away.

  • Peerio encrypts everything end-to-end. No one can read anything you share—not even us! Our true end-to-end encryption is much more secure than “in-transit” and “at-rest”.
  • Most breaches result from employee negligence. Peerio encrypts everything by default, so there’s no wrong way to use it. Even for the least tech-savvy member of your team!
  • Peerio is independently audited and open source so security specialists can validate that we do what we say we do.
  • True end-to-end encryption that you won’t even notice happening!