Legacy Peerio.
Please see the New Peerio for an improved experience.

Welcome to the “Legacy” Peerio product page

From the start, our mission has been to create a messaging and file sharing app that gives you control over your privacy. The first version of Peerio (now also referred to as “Legacy” Peerio) was an end-to-end encryption platform for low volume, one-on-one communication. As we grew, we realized that Peerio could do a lot better than that. So we committed the past eight months to a radical overhaul. All that time we spent redesigning a better backend for the New Peerio also sets the groundwork for awesome features and add-ons that we’ll be releasing in the future

IMPORTANT! Legacy Peerio and New Peerio are not compatible. See FAQs.

We recommend you only download this version if you wish to communicate with parties already on “Legacy” Peerio. Otherwise, please download the NEW Peerio applications here.