Headquartered in Montreal, our growing team includes talent from around the world, all working towards empowering people to protect their communities online.


Lead Client Developer

Anri is the perfectionist full-stack developer who keeps Peerio's gears turning. When he's not writing code for work, he's writing code for fun or herding his six dogs.


Cryptography Developer

Dmitry is responsible for the encryption algorithms protecting everything that goes up on Peerio. He’s also the creator of I Write Like, a popular website that tells people which famous authors their writing resembles.


QA Specialist

Eren makes sure that our code works. If anything goes wrong, he’s the one problem solving with our users. He appreciates home cooking, puns, and powernaps.


Chief Technical Officer

Florencia understands every part of the Peerio machine and keeps things in check. Beside development, she's into helping young women learn to code and growing edible fungi.


Community Advocate

Jennifer is an expert at identifying and solving the customer’s problems. She has years of sales experience and used to be a world touring acrobat and aerialist.


Marketing Content Manager

Kristin digs up everything interesting about Peerio and turns it into engaging content. She also makes short films and helps people improve their writing.


Chief Growth Officer

A specialist in technology marketing and global sales, Lawrence brings Peerio’s vision to the people. Having served in the Canadian Navy, living and working in Europe and Asia, he now prefers a calmer life of sipping scotch and promoting a safer online world.


C# Developer

The bad hombre who builds code in the Microsoft ecosystem, Oscar also dabbles in agile development and software architecture. If he’s not coding, he’s probably listening to music with a nice cold beverage.


Design Lead

Paul is a design veteran with 15 years of experience in digital content, print, and fine arts. He's a family man with a taste for games, heavy lifting, and cinema.



A Parisian mystery, Samuel keeps Peerio’s services running smoothly. Interested in BSD, Cloud implementations, and he also plays classical music!


Lead Mobile Developer

Globetrotter Samvel dreams in Objective C, Java, and JavaScript. He’s the best guy to drink Moscatel with and might also cook for you if you’re lucky.


UI Designer

Saumya creates the best possible visual environment for our users. She’s also been trained in industrial design and would like to solve the Bermuda triangle mystery someday.


Chief Product Officer

Skylar connects every part of the Peerio team and herds them all in the same direction. Sometimes he gets academic about passwords, but otherwise he's riding bikes and getting rad.


Backend Wizard

With decades of developer experience, Slava builds and maintains Peerio's foundation. He's worked in submarines, enjoys Buddhist meditations, and has possibly the world’s largest board game collection.


Chief Executive Officer

With over two decades of experience in enterprise security, Vincent has witnessed the limitations of privacy solutions and dreamed about something better—simpler, faster, and as secure as it can get. Thus Peerio was born. His appreciation of fine food, art, and nature are reflected in his vision for Peerio.